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Chile’s New Tactical Set-Up

August 18, 2011


I was a big fan of Marcelo Bielsa’s Chile team and even wrote them a love letter during the World Cup last year. Bielsa is gone now and Chile have changed their tactical set-up while still retaining the core philosophy of relentless pressing and attacking in numbers. Claudio Bhorgi plays more of a 3412 (or […]

The Reactive Defense

February 14, 2011


Most teams develop a solid defensive scheme and stick to it, only tweaking it slightly to suite the opponent. In recent years however, we have seen two examples of teams who were willing to radically change their defensive structure depending on whether the opponent was playing with two strikers or one. These two examples are […]

Racing Santander Show How NOT To Use A Five Men Defense

October 31, 2010


Racing Santander used a five men defense to try to neutralize Real Madrid but this was a massive failure and showed why such a strategy is not suitable against a 4-2-3-1. Racing lost the game 6-1 and it could have been worse as they played into the hands of the Real Madrid attackers. The two […]


September 20, 2010


Rangers surprised Manchester United (and the whole world) with an ultra-defensive 5 man defense in their Champion’s League opener. This is a formation that is tailor-made to neutralize a 442, which is what Manchester United insisted on playing even when it was clearly not working.  The two shapes are shown below. THE BEAUTY OF THE […]

Chile’s intense pressing game(a love letter)

June 17, 2010


I was going to write an article about Chile’s intense pressing game but Zonal Marking has beaten me to it. I feel like this performance was under-appreciated by the world at large so I still want to do my part to highlight just how amazing it was. If you want more details on Bielsa’s system, […]

Flaws in the Mexican system

June 2, 2010


Mexico plays a fluid 3-4-3 system that is brilliantly described here by Zonal Marking. This formation is exciting to watch in action when Mexico have the ball as there is constant movement of the almost every player but I believe that this system has some serious flaws. MEXICO ARE VULNERABLE TO ATTACKS DOWN THE FLANKS. […]