Germany have to defend THE HOLE

Posted on July 1, 2010


Germany will play Argentina in the World Cup quarterfinals and their defenders will have to be at their best against Argentina’s 3 man attack. As shown below, Messi plays behind Tevez and Higuain, operating in the space between midfield and defense i.e. THE HOLE.

The German Hole

Tevez likes dropping deep and operating in this area as well so Germany will have to defend this space if they are to neutralize Argentina’s attack. The problem is that Germany don’t have a deep lying midfielder who shields their defense. Schweinsteiger and Khedira play higher up the pitch and often look to combine with the attacking players. Khedira is more defensive-minded but is not really a holding player as he has the freedom to drift around the pitch. Against Argentina he will have to be more disciplined to ensure that there isn’t a gap between midfield and defense.

Both Schweinsteiger and Khedira will have to play deeper if they are to deny Messi space and prevent their defense from being over-run. This may disrupt Germany’s pass amd move game and leave Ozil isolated in midfied, something that will play into the hands of Argentina. Lahm may have to tuck in to track the runs of Di Maria which could also disrupt the German attack.

How Germany defend the hole will have a huge effect on the outcome of this game. Giving Messi and Tevez the space to collect the ball and run at the center-backs will be a massive error that will probably result in an Argentine victory.

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