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Martin Demichelis – A disaster waiting to happen ?

June 28, 2010


Argentina have performed well at this World Cup but they continue to concede soft goals due to the errors of Martin Demichelis. So far these errors have not been costly because Argentina’s attack has been good enough to get them out of trouble. As the games become tighter and the quality of opposition increases, Argentina […]

The Two Faces of Paraguay

June 21, 2010


The Face of Caution Against Italy,Paraguay defended deep and narrow, playing only one striker(Valdez spent most of his time in midfield) and were content to concede possession to the Italians. The fullbacks did not venture forward and the midfielders held their positions instead of supporting the attack. Paraguay must have felt that Italy were the […]

Chile’s intense pressing game(a love letter)

June 17, 2010


I was going to write an article about Chile’s intense pressing game but Zonal Marking has beaten me to it. I feel like this performance was under-appreciated by the world at large so I still want to do my part to highlight just how amazing it was. If you want more details on Bielsa’s system, […]

World Cup Trends

June 17, 2010


The first round of games is over so I thought I would write about some defensive trends I have noticed at this World Cup. This analysis is based on my own statistics and I welcome any corrections. As usual, I focus only on the defensive side of things. Excellent team defense – The weaker teams […]

Gutierrez is a key player for Argentina

June 12, 2010


That’s right, Jonas Gutierrez . A lot was made of Maradonna’s intention to play 4 center-backs but that is now clearly an alternative strategy, to be used against stronger teams.In today’s game against Nigeria, Gutierrez was used as an attacking right back and this will probably continue for the rest of the group games. I […]

Mexico’s problems defending corners

June 6, 2010


I wrote an article earlier about the flaws of the Mexican defensive set up. One thing I didn’t cover in that article was their problems in defending corners, something that has become obvious as I watch more of their games. I will focus my analysis on the Italy and England games because that is where […]

Flaws in the Mexican system

June 2, 2010


Mexico plays a fluid 3-4-3 system that is brilliantly described here by Zonal Marking. This formation is exciting to watch in action when Mexico have the ball as there is constant movement of the almost every player but I believe that this system has some serious flaws. MEXICO ARE VULNERABLE TO ATTACKS DOWN THE FLANKS. […]